About Jamie Zenteno

me n hubby

I love my family so much that we moved back to my home town to make sure our little one has those same country roots.

A few fun things about me: I love coffee, hot tea, scones, chocolate and all things teal colored. Actually come to think of it most of the accents in our house are that color. (Thanks hun for letting me put it everywhere...hey at a least its not like highlighter pink right? )

Oh and I adore quotes, all thrift store finds, rustic thingys, old world charm and vintage whatever.

Coming from a small town, you learn to appreciate simple things in life and that people are the only ones who matter in life. I love the story that God has written for me. Its filled with adventure, tear, joy, happiness, tough moments, laughing moments, crazy ideas, spreading the gospel, people who love me, people who I love and so much more. I know he's not done with my story and I am beyond privileged to play a part in the bigger story: God's Story.

This blog was inspired by the hope that God had given me during my existence here on earth. As mentioned previously, its been a very crazy, tough, fun but enjoyable ride.

My hope is that within these word laced pages, you'll be able to find encouragement from stories That you would find confidence to be the woman God has designed YOU to be. That you would be able to transpose what God is showing you and put it into effect for you family, your little ones or whatever season of life you're living right now.

I am merely a vessel transposing hope into digital words. I've always had a passion for writing but i have put it on the backburner. I think it was all in God's timing really. He knows best and the best time for things to happen.

Since 2003 I have immersed myself into mission work both abroad and on the home front. I've lived with orphans teaching them the gospel. I've traveled to the depths of the rainforest to step across foreign roads to speak peace into young people's lives. From 2008 through early 2015 I served alongside my husband as the youth pastor to an amazing group of teenagers. It was a growing time for both them and us. I am forever grateful for those years to have given hope to an up coming generation.

I don't know what else God has planned for this blog, the workshops or the book. What I do know is this is new season for new things. Where ever He calls we will follow and I'm super excited to see what God has in store for my family and I.

Thanks for reading my "short" little novel for now.

Jamie Zenteno