Where feet may fail . Santa Fe, TX Writer

by Jamie Zenteno

My feet fail all the time.

They fail when I’m trying to balance a college career, a full time job, being a wife, being a mom…and then my 6 year old comes in the office and starts to play and I get mad because I literally just can’t think and I just need quietness. Then I yell. I failed.

They fail when I’ve got 6 lines at work lit up, I’m snowed under in paperwork, mail to match, emails to answer, material to order and I just need to go outside and take a breath of air.

So I’ve been reading this book called Wait and See. Y’all … if you don’t want God to show you some truth that might hurt or just mess you up in the good way…don’t read Godly books.

I’m tellin you it’s messing me up. Like I said lol in a good way.

There is a song that says …where feet may fail…

Where feet may fail – MY GOD DOES NOT!!

He is all powerful. All forgiving, and certainly all graceful.

He loves me when I just want to sit in my chair and cry because I feel like I just “can’t.”

And the same God who reminds me over and over and over again…He loves you too.
Where your finances may fail, His provisions do not.

Where your marriage may fail, His peace does not.

Where your anxiety and physical body may fail, his calmness and healing does not.

Y’all He really is a good good father. But we have to let Him be that.

We have to let Him take over.

How many seasons of wait have we been in because we failed to truly see what He has been doing the whole time? Just food for thought.

I pray ladies, and gentlemen if you’re reading too, that where your feet are failing that you allow God’s to not.

Until next time…


A woman trying to simply thrive but sometimes not,

Jamie Zenteno