Facing Giants . Santa Fe, Tx Writer

by Jamie Zenteno

I can honestly say i have not really enjoyed 2017. Some moments yes but overall...i just want to start over lol.

My husband was in another country because his father passed away 2 days after Christmas. While he was there he ended up with the flu and pneumonia, it is now January 12th and he and I have both gotten the flu, our daughter ended up with some virus thing, my dad had surgery, my mom was in the ER and well getting over the flu just kicks your behind.

But you know what i am thankful some seasons end lol because the Lord knows i was so over being sick and overwhelmed with life. these past 2 weeks.

While my husband was gone though, I became incredibly scared to sleep. I was staying up until 3 or 4 in the morning, watching endless amounts of HGTV just stay awake, and then when I got the call saying my husband was sick i just couldn't take it anymore. This crazy guy i love is ill and i can't help because he's hundreds of miles from me.

I felt very overwhelmed. My daughter and i were driving to our local little heb, and a song came on about giants, then another song came on about facing your giants. Then the hot steamy tears spilled over my lashes splashing onto my cheeks like rivers. Trying to silently let those splashes out issuper hard when you have precious little eyes in the car watching your every move. I just couldn't "keep it together" anymore. How could I? All the what if's started coming into my mind but you know what? God met me there in my car. And while my car was parked in my driveway my little girl unbuckled and put her little hand on my hair and just said oh mommy its gonna be ok.

Yes my sweet little girl it is.

God was then flooding my heart with peace, knowing that miles away our God was taking care of my husband. We have amazing family who took care of him and made sure he had the care that he needed.

We serve a good good father. So good that He notices the little things. He noticed that i was praying for his health. He noticed that my heart was lonely. He noticed the little warm hand my daughter placed on me.

And He notices you too. He notices your tears you shed in silence. He notices the heartbreak you endure while yet again, something didn't work out for you. He notices the word help, that you prayed when you had no other words to pray.

So my prayer for you is that you may see His blessings in disguises. That you may find life where others only see death.

-Jamie Zenteno