King Louie Moments . Santa Fe, TX Writer

by Jamie Zenteno

Over the holiday weekend it was every bit of clean up and then rest time. Which I totally don’t mind at all. One evening we sat down to watch the new Jungle Book movie. By the way if you hadn’t seen it you really need to because those graphics are AMAZING! I don’t’ know how in the world they got those graphics to look that good … but WOW they rock!!

 There is a scene where King Louie is in the ancient palace and he is filled with complete rage because the boy will not give him what he wants. The red flower…aka fire. So he starts throwing a fit because Mowgli is trying to run away from him and King Louie is every bit of mad and doesn’t want to let this keeper of the fire out of his power.

Here's a clip from youtube here:

In the midst of his rage, he torn down the ancient palace to mere rubble and perished beneath the weight of the rocks.

Ladies, I seriously couldn’t even help but see the symmetry to our own lives. How many times do we allow ourselves to be consumed by life, or rage or circumstances and we’re crushed by it? Or we crush our children’s view of peace and joy?

How many times do we chase after something that was never suppose to be ours. Monkeys do not need fire to survive otherwise God would have made them to need it. But he couldn’t stand that some other creature had it and he didn’t.

Do not allow yourself to be consumed by (FILL IN THE BLANK HERE). Trust me it’s a dangerous road that you may not come back from.

The bible is very clear about anger:

James 1:20 {NIV }Because human anger does not produce the righteousness of God desires.

Proverbs 25:28 {NET }Like a city that is broken down and without a wall, so is a person who cannot control his temper.

Father, I thank you for my sisters and I ask that you would help them in the midst of their storms. Though they may not know what is ahead but you do. God I pray that when their emotions try to get the best of them that they would remember your word in James 1:19 and they would be slow to become angry. Help them to think through first before speaking and potentially tearing down their house. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Ladies I hope you have a great rest of your week ahead.