The kitchen sink . Santa Fe, TX Writer

by Jamie Zenteno

No this isn't a post about cleaning your sink, renovatingyour kitchen or washin dishes. Way past that lol, promise...and I have a point.

NO this is not my kitchen sink its one I got online b/c I'm not home writing this lol.

NO this is not my kitchen sink its one I got online b/c I'm not home writing this lol.

Saturday I woke up in the middle of the night and thinking about my kitchen sink. It was empty, clean and ready for the next washing round. So I didn't think nothin' of it I just laid back down to go to sleep.

But then I couldn't.

Which means He wouldn't let me. Which means I had better listen lol right gals??

So I'm just laying there in my bed, head pressed against the pillow, thinking about this darn sink. Saying ok, God...the sink thing what is up with that? Do you really want me to write about my kitchen sink?? Its not even new or worthy of a blog post...what's the deal??

Restless, I closed my eyes hoping and praying that maybe I just misheard God and hoped to fall back asleep. Fast. Because you know its the weekend and I get like 5 minutes extra of slumber lol.

So then it dawned on me. WE, people, are the kitchen sink!!!

We get filled up daily from various sources with items like emotions, experiences, gossip, social media, exposure to good things, exposure to bad things. By the end of the day our whole "sink" is filled up!!

Now what?

Well there's 2 choices when staring at a kitchen sink full of dishes. 

We can wash the items and reuse the clean items for next time. Metaphorically we can allow Jesus who is our living running water to clean our life daily with by His word, prayer and Holy Spirit. Then we can use our life again to be a blessing because we are empty of sin, junk and have been washed clean. Remember when I said God sink isn't new or worthy of a blog post? Well you know what YOU are worthy. YOU may not be new but you can be REnewed by Him. 

OR we can let the dishes stay there, have a foul smell and live off the fake paper plates. Again metaphorically, this will leave us in a state of despair. We're unable to be used because our sin and lifestyle stinks so bad that everything is a mess. Then we have forced ourselves out of being blessed and are living the life Satan makes us think is real. AKA the fake plate experience.

In John 14:6 Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

Ladies the only way to have that thriving life you want? Is to be cleaned by the Son. 

You want your marriage to change? Allow it to be cleaned by the Son.

You want your kids to change? Be the example and first be cleaned yourself. If after that they still aren't changed and they are of the age of being held responsible for their faith . . . they have some growing to do but I urge you do NOT stop being that example.

You want your job, friends and all other things in your life to thrive? Everything has to be cleaned the the Son of God!! There's no way around it.

I encourage you to prayerfully allow yourself, your home and your family to be "washed" be that living water.

Father I thank you for these moms, wives, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and daughters. I know that as our creator you have created us with special hearts to be the glue in our families. To help oversee the growth in homes. God some of these women are tired. I pray that you refresh them. Some of these ladies are frustrated. I pray that you give them clarity. Some of these women are in need. I pray for your provisions to be abundant. But above all of that I pray that you would allow them to see the You as their refreshing water. I pray that they would allow you to clean our their hearts from the junk put their either by the world or by themselves. I ask this in Jesus name, amen!

-Jamie @ Women Simply Thriving