Missions...and an Opportunity for YOU to serve in February . Santa Fe, TX Writer

by Jamie Zenteno

One thing we have learned about ministry is its all about loving people. and loving people well.

"It is God himself who has made us what we are and given us new lives from Christ Jesus; and long ages ago he planned that we should spend these lives in helping others." (Ephesians 2:10 LB)

The second thing was when you do any type of ministry you need to talk about the good news some how, by a scripture, the love you're showing because otherwise well its just a "service project" not a mission opportunity to help save the lost souls.

When Jesus did ministry, did he just go around barking orders at everyone? Did he just stand back and let everyone else do the work?

NO. Not at all.

And did Jesus just show up, do his thing and NOT take care of their needs? HA no. More often than not what did he do first? He took care of their needs and then presented the gospel message.

What I love love love about Jesus is that he wasn't afraid to gets his hands dirty for the gospel.

What do I mean, he went to the parties with the drunks, to spread the gospel yet he didn't get drunk.

He hung out with the lowlifes, to spread the gospel, but he didn't become one of them.

He even washed peoples feet!!! What kind of a higher power other than the ONE and only true God has ever done that?!?! Only Jesus has.

We, my husband and I, are organizing a morning to share some love with people who most people will not even talk to. . . the homeless.

Its a fantastic time of ministry, and if you're new to doing any kind of mission work this is a great, family friendly opportunity.

Every single person that is saved is called to do something. We are called to serve because we were served first by Jesus dying on the cross for us.

Some very important things to remember though when serving others during a mission opportunity either close to home or abroad.

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1. Don't force the gospel down their throats. Most of them know about God, but have been turned off by the whole picture because they're always told they're sinners. Well truth be told aren't we all?

2. Use a whole bunch of grace. Yes these people have messed up or have had very awful circumstances. Yes you may hear a curse word or they may be mean to you. Get over it. You're there to show love, not ignorant hate or meanness.

3. Please don't be pulling out your flashy phone to take pictures of them and your and takin selfies with your bestie with the hashtag #servinyo. Again you're there to serve. Take a quick picture as you're walking away, or a quick picture as you're walking up. Do you really think while Jesus was doing ministry, he would have pulled out a phone to take a selfie? I really don't think so. Don't get me wrong I think its TOTALLY awesome you want to document what you're doing and maybe share it to get the word out for more people to be involved. BUT please be respectful for these people. If you must take a photo in the midst of it, please ask the people you're serving first.

4. Even if you're in a bad mood, don't feel good or whatever the case, please remember you're not doing this for YOU. You're doing all of it for God. You wash dishes during the mission work, you're doing it for God. You're giving someone a hug, you're doing it for God. You're driving you're mom-mobile full of 8 crazy loud teens with your 4 year old in the mix lol well yes you're doing it for God. (Been there done that lol)

5. Have a humble heart. There is nothing more humbling than waking up at 6am to go chill out with people and serve them a hot breakfast on a chilly morning. But oh man that sweet moment when you have that conversation with the lady who just lost everything and is homeless....and you share the gospel with her and you realize yes....this is why I'm here on this 32 degree morning. Then she asks you please help me ask Jesus into my heart, and you see the genuine tears of joy in her eyes spilling over onto her wind beaten cheeks, and now you're crying because you know that God is like yes I've been waiting on her to come to my kingdom thanks for opening the door for them hun.

6. Mission ops are not a single day. They are not a single trip. They are a lifestyle. We as God's people should be sharing and loving and praying like crazy. Don't you see we are the key to this world turning upside down?!?

I pray that you'll come with us in February to serve the "lost" and if you're not saved and want to serve then I pray that you'll be "found" too that day.

Father I thank you so much for my readers, for the moms, for the dads, our neighbors, the people who I don't even know. I thank you for pressing into me this morning about sharing this mission opportunity. I ask that you provide abundantly for the items on the list for the homeless. But God more importantly I ask that you shine down on that day and prepare the hearts right now to receive your good word of the gospel. Prepare the hearts of the volunteers that are going to help and in Jesus name bless this, Amen!

The direct needs are for about 100 homeless. If you can help by serving, donating items that would be fantastic! Any items not given out that we have left over, we will save for another time to serve this year.

  • Mens white socks (can be used for men or women)
  • bottled water
  • oranges
  • mints
  • bandaids
  • gospel tracts (we will be getting these)
  • gently used clothes for men and women to pass out
  • valentine cards made by your kiddos

P.S. A really awesome song to jam to, if you're struggling to serve is this one by Anthem Lights called Outta my mind.

-Jamie Zenteno, Women Simply Thriving