Intentional Community . Santa Fe, Texas Writer

by Jamie Zenteno

For the most part God gives me these ideals to write about when everything is quiet, people are sleeping in my house (including the hubby) and me, the mom, are still awake tiding up doing chores.

But the other day I was driving to work God gave me this thought.

We all know that we have a deep desire to be connected some way or somehow, right?

We also know that there is always an opposite agenda Satan has to anything God has designed.

God created people for community. He created us to live in communication with him AND with fellow human kind.

In Leviticus 26:12 He says, "And I will walk among you and will be your God, and you shall be my people". WE ARE HIS ladies; first and foremost you were God's first. Before you ever were for yourself, for your parents, for your husband, or for your kids, YOU were HIS first.

Every single ounce of our inner being is telling us... ok driving us to be connected in some way to each other.

Why else are we driven to have parties TOGETHER, to have social gatherings TOGETHER, to have baby showers TOGETHER, to celebrate a wedding TOGETHER, to even celebrate a memory of someone who passed TOGETHER. We are meant to live life, in person, with people.

But we have a very real enemy who wants to destroy all of that. Now I am NOT saying that social media is all 100% bad. It’s a great communication tool. But please hear me out for just a moment.

If God created us for community, and Satan is the liar, stealer and cheater that he is....then would he have a hand in trying to steal away purposeful and meaningful community by making social media more attractive in every way possible?

Just food for thought today but really try to think about the moments that you're allowing yourself to spend on social media. I know I am totally guilty of taking a peak at my facebook app or my facebook page or checking my email when I'm cooking or when I hear that little ding. I am trying to stop and get away from that.

How may you ask? Lol well by intentionally turning off my data on my phone or by putting my phone on the charger at home in our room to not be tempted to look at it until later.

Again this is all just a thought, but I challenge you to be intentional about your time on social media. Little eyes see and absorb everything you do. Make sure they see the right things.