When everything pulls at you

by Jamie Zenteno

A few weeks ago, my hubby and I were at the county fair. Baby girl was doing the piggy swine show and her little friend happened to be there as well. So, naturally we hung out with them for the rest of the evening.

The guys went to the cook-off area, so mom and I took the girls to go ride some rides.

I do not usually like the carnival area call me crazy but for whatever the reason it just gives me the creeps. Anyone else?

So I took the girls on the ferris wheel, and while we were on it i could feel their little hearts just a pounding. Oh why you ask?

Because there was a storm coming from the west. There were high winds. AND WE WERE STOPPED AT THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was the longest 5 minutes of my life. Like ever. Trying to keep your cool when your 30 feet in the air and this ride your on is being beat by the wind is REALLY HARD!!

So we get off and proceed to the rides in the back area. With both girls in either of my hands, a giant gust of wind forces me to put my head down and keep walking forward. I can then hear the carnival workers yelling to me: "Hey come play my games" "Come over here and try your luck" "Win something for them"

I didn't look at them, oh yes I definitely heard them and yes they tried their hardest to get my attention. I just kept walking,  with my face pressed forward, holding little hands until we reached our destination.

Life is just like that.

Everything tries to get our attention. Every single day we are tempted to make choices either good ones or not so wise ones.

Work. Gossip. Lies. Housework. More housework. Relationships. Kids. Husbands. Family. Friends. Signing up for things at school. Sickness. Sadness. Anger. Emotions. Moving. Celebrating. Giving in to temptation. Keeping up with schedules and etc. etc. etc.

So we as moms were given the task of sorting through what is truly needed for our family and ourselves to be happy and healthy.

Some of the things in life will just pull at us and try to get our attention.

Sweet mama, keep your head faced forward and ignore all the uneeded distractions around you.

Psalms 119:15 says "I will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways."

Don't put your attention to things that aren't helpful or healthy for you or your family. Those things will just pull  you in like the carnival guys and you'll only be disappointed that you wasted your time, money or effort.

Take care today and know that YES. . . YOU can be a great mom or wife or daughter or grandmother or aunt today.

Until next time. . .