It Was a Red Cap Kinda Night . Santa Fe Texas Writer

by Jamie Zenteno

It was a typical Monday at the Zenteno Ranch.

Oh wait. . . before I go on you really don't want to be eating. Its kinda gross but it gets funny and I don't want you to spew your hot coffee on your reading device. But yes please share my Monday misfortune with your friends so they will know that WE ARE ALL HUMAN and have crummy days too. LOL

Ok back to THE monday.

Our daughter went to school.

We went to work. We came home.

Took the dogs out.

A wasp flew inside.

Wasp landed on the window. The really old windows we have in our house. That has the original this pieces of glass . . from 1966.

I hit the wasp with the broom and broke my window.

The puppy < YA THE PUPPY I JUST TOOK OUTSIDE  the one in the picture below>

....pooped on the carpet.

He stepped in it.

It's now smashed it into the carpet.

He ran.

There was poop on my WALLS! ON THE WALLS!!

So I took a deep breath put some cartoons on for Shelby.

I then proceeded to put the little poop machine in the cage. Clean up the mess. Steam the carpet. Clorox the walls. Clean up myself.

I'm looking at the clock and it says 7:45 and I am not in the mood to finally cook dinner and clean  up everything . . . again.

I finally called my husband to tell him and he says hun its ok just go out and get something to eat for dinner. We will fix the window and get a new dryer this weekend. <Oh ya forgot to mention we have no dryer right now>

Ok so before shells and I go out for dinner <First thank goodness I had the energy to clean up myself and two she was stoked because were going to Red Cap and she gets to have ice cream at the place lol>

So before we go I text my friend Jamie and tell her what happened. And this is when I really just felt God telling me hun its ok. Just laugh about it and move on.

So my friend says, oh no! Did "IT" hit the fan?? I can not tell you how much I laughed. I said um idk let me go check. She texts me back and says oh man i'm gonna feel really bad for saying that if it did. <It didn't hit the fan by the way we were totally ok there>

I am so thankful I had my eyes open to see the laughter and joy in something so crazy as a really crummy Monday evening. 

Phillipians 4:4 says, Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice.

Rejoicing always is really really really hard for me. Because I want to throw a pity party and bask in my sorrows sometimes. But that isn't what the scripture in Phillipians tells us to do is it?

It says Rejoice always.

We went to Red Cap, shared a chicken basket, nibbled on some ice cream and had a wonderful time.

I am more than positive that you've had a day or evening similar to ours.

Before you let your hairy monster emotions come out (ya you know the ones...the one where even the dog runs and hides from you),  take a breathe and try to find something to rejoice about in the present moment of defeat your in.

Jamie @ Women Simply Thriving