Quick tips on reading The Bible

by Jamie Zenteno

Reading the bible can be a bit daunting for most, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Before we start to dive into Mug & Muffin Monday’s here at Women Simply Thriving I want to give you a few quick tips on bible reading:

  • If you read it like a story then it’s much easier and intersting to read.

  • If you’re new to reading the bible do not I repeat do not start in Genesis.  You will get bored or stuck and stop reading. Trust me I did that a million times when I was younger in my faith. It may work for you that way but for most people it won’t.

  • Instead, I encourage you to start reading in Matthew and proceed reading the rest of the New Testament. Once your done, go to Genesis and read the Old Testament. The reason being is that new bible readers are usually newly saved as well. So I always like to encourage this way of reading because you need to have a solid knowledge of who Jesus is, what he did for you and what his life looked like so you can start to mirror this in your own life. (And this section of the bible, at least for me, is much easier to read)

  • The New Testament is about Jesus’ life, his ministry, the great commission, the disciples stories and points of view of Jesus, the disciples journeys and what God has planned for mankind as a whole and individually. It also ends with one day all who are saved will be with our Heavenly Father. (Didn’t think you’d mind my spoiler alert for the end of the bible . . its happy. )

  • The Old Testament on the other hand is the start of the story. Please keep in mind that your story is not "your" story. Rather we are a part of God’s story and we get a play a part in it.

  • Majority of the Old Testament reads likes a big history story. You need to read this to understand why God had to come and save us His people. If you love history you’ll like this segment of the bible. It goes from how we started all the way to why God’s people fell away from him, all the good kings, then all the bad kings and how much bondage God’s people were under. This will lead up to Jesus’ birth which starts in the New Testament.

The bible is our daily bread. If you're not partaking in this meal then spiritually you will starve. Sometimes its hard to read other times it's not.

But remember this is a living book. It's living because Jesus isn't dead anymore, He rose from the dead. Jesus is alive. Therefore His word is living! No other book in the history of mankind is like this.

This is the only book that has never been revised. When God spoke these words into life, He meant it just like when He spoke you into life. . .He meant it.

I hope this helps you to prepare for Monday’s bible study. Can’t wait to start!!