Within the mess

by Jamie Zenteno in

Sometimes I even cringe when I get a knock on the door knowing that my sink has dirty dishes from dinner, my floor has crumbs that I haven't had time to sweep up yet, there's a pile of halfway folded laundry on the sofa and there a million lego pieces scattered on the floor.

But then I remember . . . dirty dishes and crumbs mean we had food to eat. Halfway folded laundry means we have clothes on our back. And the million (ok it only feels like a million) lego pieces means we are blessed beyond  measure.

Moms don't be perfect. Be tidy but not perfect. There's always going to be someone hurting, sad, or lonely that needs us to invite them into our home for a cup of tea...even when our house is a disaster.

Chances are when they look back on the time you invited them over....they will only remember the hospitality you showed them not the pile of dishes in your sink.

1 Peter 4:9 Show hospitality to one another without grumbling.