Loving your CURRENT SEASON well

by Jamie Zenteno

Certain times of the year are always busier than others. There’s athletics, tea time with mom, visit grandpa on this day, holidays galore, graduation, summer vacations, back to school, football games, special meetings, book studies and more.

Then BAM it’s the end of the year and I tend to think that we all think that same question “Wow its already Christmas season? How did that happen?

Environmentally there's all these season things going on around us. Annually.

Right now, its February and as you can see there are small green patches in your yard but the trees remain unclothed with their charming greenery.

In fact, its still winter.

The winter season means every growing thing has come to halt. Maybe you're in a winter season in your life right now. You look at your life and everything looks just so . . . well . . . blah. Right? Winter temperatures are unbearable at times. Winter seasons in life are unbearable at times.

So how do you love winter well??

You think about the blessings you have right this moment. You think about the warmth in the small things like your family, friends and a God who love you. You see winter forces you inside. 

Maybe God designed winter for another reason besides just hibernation and being ridiculously cold. What if it was for our own good too?

Think about this….what if it was for us to sit and be still before him, in His quiet and warm embrace of the Father of Heaven that He is?

What if its for us to get some rest before the new things in our life can happen. Instead of getting all we can out of life.

Sometimes God calls us to rest and rejuvenate b/c he sees the future that we cannot see. And he tries to prepare us for us so we will be ready for it.

About 2 ½ weeks before we had Shelby I was still working 40 hours a week and going home and getting things ready for her. And then just one day I knew that God was telling me ok its time to rest. And you need to rest now.

Little did I know at that moment that trying to be super mom was not so super when you have a screaming 2 week old at 4 am.

Looking back now I can see the different times of this year and previous years that God has called me as an individual to not take on so much, rest or to spend more time with God.

Psalm 46:10 10 He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

Looking back on this year can you tell the that God has said “Slow down”?

Or maybe you're in the spring season?

What's not to love about spring right? Loving this life season is easy. Things are going good, things are wonderful. You can say you are blessed without question, You are able TO be a blessing without worrying. It feels good. It feels peaceful.

Then comes summer.

The season where it warms up slow at first then before you know it its really hot! (We Texans KNOW HOT!!!!) You have to weigh your choices more carefully now. If you're outside for too long you will get sick and sunburned. Or you can choose to be lazy and stay inside. But then again nothing will be done. I call this the make or break season.

Summer is when you can either work hard and enjoy the blessings of your work in the fall. OR its when you fall behind, and panic sets in, and things can start to crumble.

Loving a working hard summer season is harder to do. It wears on you. You're soul may be torn about some things. But I promise you oh I promise do not give up.

We've had some really lean times  since my man and I have been married. But you know what? We learned how to pray together. We have taught our daughter that no matter what happens we are going to pray our way to the better seasons God has for us.

If your're in Summer. . . hang in there hun.

Then last but not least is Fall.

Fall can be emotionally hard if you allow it to be because the things that once were are no longer. Maybe that means someone has passed. Or perhaps you're facing consequences of choices. Or maybe you're just plain tired from life in general.

But to love fall well you have to understand what the season is.

Fall is the end of living all things. The last life of the kiss of hardness. 

Yes it can be sad. You might have a lot of great memories from spring and maybe summer. To see the splish splash fun fade is hard because the days are shorter now. Old things are dying out. The leaves are falling down.

But oh the wonderful blessing you can now see from the reflections of the past year. Fall is a time of remembrance. A time to enjoy the fruit of all the labor, all of the times you were on your knees praying for "that hard" season to end. This is a time of rejoicing!!

Don't you love how God can allow us to experience peace no matter what season we're in?

And you know what?

That's how the world will know that you are His. They will look at you and see that you are not crushed from the walls falling around you but will see the peace and strength you had when everything was wrong.

I know that God has your best interest in mind too. And I also I know that He has good things for each and every one of you this year.

 I encourage you to set aside some quiet time with just you and God. Reflect on the season that you're in and find the good that's within it.