Stop for a second this Christmas season . Santa Fe, Texas Writer

by Jamie Zenteno




Those aren't words usually associated with Christmas huh? Nowadays its rush here, hustle there, pick up this, pick up that, rush to this event...and blah. By the end of December you do you really feel like you've enjoyed the season? Or rather do you feel like it was all one big fat messy blur?

A lesson I learned when I was very young is the Christmas spirit...the Jesus in the small things.

Its not about how fancy your gifts are. Its not about how many events you attend or trying to beat so n so at making the most talked about cookies at the church cookie party. It isn't about going to every single Christmas party either and making sure you turn everyone's head to because you look amazing and spent X amount of dollars on that new cozy sweater you can't even breathe in to save your life.

Christmas is about Jesus.

Jesus is loves the simple.

We don't have a fancy decorated house, but we have a few things that we have put out to make it feel Christmasy. I do not spend big fancy money on décor because I feel that money would be put to better use to bless someone instead.

I have a budget for X amount of gift to purchase and that is all. No more. No less. Some are DIY, some are a family gift, some I bought months ago. But we only spend cash, and we do not use credit cards.

I try to create opportunities for my family to embrace tradition, love and warmth.

We always go look at lights on Christmas eve. We bake a little more, We make warm meals together to share. We order pizza to decorate the tree. We checkout books from the library that are Christmasy. We take communion on Christmas eve and read the nativity story. We look for opportunities to bless others because we know what its like to go with out.

The first Christmas my husband and I were married we couldn't afford not one single Christmas gift to anyone except for a disc of our wedding photos that we made ourselves. I felt absolutely terrible that I allowed the guilt to overtake me for not being able to purchase anything. BUT what we gave was from the heart.

It was also the same year we found out we were pregnant with our dear sweet girl Shelby. What a wonderful Christmas gift God gave us that year :)

So moms, I encourage you this season stop trying to compete with your friends, don't overspend, breathe and relax. And I promise you then you'll see that this is the most wonderful time of the year, and there is peace in that.