by Jamie Zenteno

Welcome to my new blog!

God has placed writing in my talents for years but I've always put it to the side thinking it wasn't really "my best thing". But you know what? God has a way of bringing those talents back out when we push them down...if we let Him.

So I have created this blog/website in hopes that you my wonderful readers will find encouragement, hope, confidence and whatever else through the words that God is giving me to write.

Life is messy enough with just trying to handle your own self, but mix that in with being a wife, being a mom, trying to maintain family relationships, friendships, work, organize, cook, clean, clean some more . . . lets not forget sleep. . . oh dear sleep. . . and then to wake up only to do it all over again.

Its hard. I get that. God gets that. He gets it more than you and me both put together. The point is He created fellowship for us to engage with one another, to share life experiences together and try and to seek after Him to figure our how our part of the story fits in HIS big story.

One thing that I'm very passionate about is encouraging women to be confident. Everyone is important in the eyes of the Lord. I started out being very insecure and unconfident. But God turned all of that around.

He started to draw my attention back to His promises. Ya know that one in Psalms 112:6-7 when it says

"He will never be shaken. The man who is right and good will be remembered forever. 7 He will not be afraid of bad news. His heart is strong because he trusts in the Lord."

He turned insecurity into confidence and  doubt into certainty. Now I can experience life with His perspective instead of my own.

So welcome and I hope you come back to read more.

Jamie Z.